Founded in 1989, BRANDA Ltd. is a family owned business, specializing in the processing and packaging of food products such as herbs, dried nuts, special spice mixes and honey. With strong presence in the region of western Greece and Ionian islands, the company has built a solid reputation among consumers, with high product quality being the trademark.

Following an ever-growing business path, BRANDA has increased its product variety, leading to the introduction of many additional herbs, spices & dried nuts to the Greek market, as well as innovative packaging (grinder etc).

Supporting local businesses and sourcing mainly within Greece, the company aims to make high quality Greek products known. With a range of 200 products, BRANDA targets retail food stores and alimentaire businesses with both consumer and professional/customized packaging.
Today, BRANDA’s range of products includes:

  • Spices & special mixtures in packaging bags, grinder & glass containers
  • Herbs in pots or bunches in a pack bag
  • Dried nuts in a container or bag
  • Vinegar, lemon
  • Honey, being the latest addition
  • Aluminum foil, kitchen cellophane
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